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Does Google Rob Small publishers?

Posted: Mon May 13, 2013 9:02 pm
by dbashyal
Since last week there has been odd behavior on my adsense report. For example at 6pm income is $xx.xx but after an hour it's $0.0x

What I am thinking is google adsense sends $100 coupon to attract advertisers. Google of course can't spend that from it's and share holder's pocket, so it registers as a click and expense to advertiser but doesn't credit to the publisher because it doesn't make any real money from that click, so it can't pay to publisher as well.

Google does big deals with big publishers and doesn't want to loose those publishers. So we small publishers are the ones who will be used for their benefit rather than supporting small publishers like us.

If they loose big publishers, they could loose a lot but it doesn't affect them if we small business owners or publishers leave them.

We small publishers get hardly any clicks on advertisements from visitors, when there are some click registered, google steals our revenue.

Let me know if I am wrong here.