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please review my site

Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 8:55 am
by enjoygame
i have made a site that lets users to select webhosting company according to plan and platform. It can search exact plan for you as all the datas are carefully entered. It is designed using PHP and took really a lot of time to build the site and search and enter the webhosting companies and their different webhosting plans. Some companies even have more than 12 hosting plans. That's why it took really a lot of time. But after all this i'm unable to attract users or webhosting searchers to my site that may benefit both parties. I would like to know from everyone what i should do to bring visitors to my site. I tried google adwords but i didn't get any loyal visitor everyone wants to make money from fraud clicks. The amount of time they spent on site shows that.
Please review my site and give suggestions. Thanks in advance.