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I just foundout about Angry Birds Mobile game and got hooked into it. Whenever i get a minute I am into it. Its so addicted. Not sure when I’ll be over it. Some of the levels are so hard and takes so many re-takes to compelete it.

Its quite painful for your eyes and mind when you are hooked into it. I think the game shouldn’t be called Angry Birds, because the game makes you angry when you can’t go to next level. So, i think it should be called Birds that make You angry.

I was having really hard time going to the next level until i found some tricks on youtube. Thanks for all the trick videos posted through out the world wide web.

I was playing lite version which is free. But i completed all the levels 4 times already in less than a week. Now, I am planning to buy the full version so i can play new levels and i don’t have to keep repeating same level again and again.

What are your thoughts about this game?

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Date: 05-09-2010 02:59:13am



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